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10 Best Time And Billing Software For Accountants

As an accountant, efficiently managing time and expenses is crucial for maintaining a profitable practice. With the right time and billing software for accountants, you can streamline your invoicing process, track billable hours, and improve overall productivity.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 time and billing software solutions tailored specifically for accountants, helping you make an informed decision and take your practice to the next level.

Why Accountants Need Time and Billing Software

In the fast-paced world of accounting, manual invoicing and time tracking can lead to errors and inefficiencies. Time and billing software offer a solution by streamlining invoicing processes, enhancing accuracy in time tracking, and improving overall communication with clients. Let’s delve into these aspects.

Streamlining Invoicing Processes

One of the key benefits of time and billing software is the ability to automate and streamline the invoicing process. This not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors in billing, ensuring that clients are accurately billed for the services rendered.

Enhancing Accuracy in Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking is crucial for accountants, especially when working on various projects for different clients. Time and billing software provide a reliable way to track billable hours, improving accuracy and transparency in client dealings.

Improving Client Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful accounting firm. Time and billing software often come with client portals, allowing accountants to share invoices, project updates, and important documents seamlessly. This enhances client satisfaction and fosters a stronger professional relationship.

Key Features to Look for in Time and Billing Software

Before delving into the top 10 software options, it’s essential to understand the key features that make time and billing software effective for accountants.

Automation Capabilities

The best time and billing software automate repetitive tasks, such as generating invoices and tracking billable hours. Automation not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of errors, ensuring accurate billing and accounting records.

Integration with Accounting Systems

Seamless integration with existing accounting systems is crucial. This ensures that data flows smoothly between different software applications, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

Reporting Functionalities

Comprehensive reporting capabilities allow accountants to analyze financial data efficiently. Look for software that provides customizable reports, giving you insights into key metrics and trends within your accounting practice.

10 Best Time And Billing Software For Accountants

The accounting landscape is rapidly evolving, and with it, so are the needs of accountants, financial managers, and small business owners. Keeping track of billable hours and efficiently managing invoices are essential tasks that can consume precious time if not done right. This is where time and billing software comes into play, providing innovative solutions designed to streamline accounting processes, improve accuracy, and enhance productivity.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top 10 time and billing software that have become game-changers for accountants. For professionals seeking to elevate their billing efficiency and for small businesses aiming at simplifying their time tracking needs, this evaluation will serve as an essential resource.


FreshBooks stands out for its user-friendly interface and powerful features. Catering to the self-employed and smaller business structures, it offers clients customizable invoices, expense tracking, and time management tools.

Pricing Information:

FreshBooks offers multiple pricing tiers starting from a basic plan for freelancers, up to more extensive plans accommodating growing businesses with additional features.

User Reviews and Ratings:

FreshBooks has received accolades for its intuitive design and top-notch customer service, making it a favored choice among users.


Xero’s strong suit lies in its robust accounting features combined with time tracking and billing functionalities. Well-loved within the sphere of accountants and bookkeepers, it provides a comprehensive suite of tools for financial reporting and client management.

Pricing Information: Offering various plans, Xero can scale with your business as it grows, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.

User Reviews and Ratings: Users often highlight Xero’s seamless integration options with other apps and its cloud-based real-time data access.


A household name in the accounting software industry, QuickBooks by Intuit is particularly known for its extensive features that cater to a wide array of accounting needs, including time tracking and billing.

Pricing Information:

QuickBooks provides scalable solutions that cater to individual accountants and large firms alike, with tailored plans that match their unique requirements.

User Reviews and Ratings:

It is praised for its comprehensive set of features but some users point out a steeper learning curve for beginners.

Sage 50cloud

Sage 50cloud fuses traditional accounting software credibility with modern cloud functionality. Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses, it offers time-saving features for billing, invoicing, and project management.

Pricing Information: Sage offers plans that cater to various business sizes, each increasing in feature complexity and user capacity.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Customers commend Sage for its vast capabilities but note it may be more than required for very small businesses.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is part of the larger suite of Zoho applications designed for business operations. It’s applauded for its easy-to-use time tracking and billing, alongside a broad selection of integrations.

Pricing Information: Zoho Books proposes multiple tiers, accommodating everyone from the solopreneur to established corporations.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Positive reviews often mention its excellent user interface and value for money, though some users desire more customization.


Wave is an excellent choice for freelancers and entrepreneurs looking for a no-frills, cost-effective software. It offers fundamental time tracking and billing capabilities without complicating the process.

Pricing Information: Wave is a free software, making it a standout option for those on a tight budget or just starting out.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Users love Wave for its affordability and straightforward design, although the lack of advanced features can be limiting for some.


Bill.com is particularly adept at streamlining payment processes and integrates well with other accounting software to cover time billing and invoicing needs.

Pricing Information: It offers several pricing plans, each targeting different business requirements and sizes.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Users often highlight Bill.com for its ability to manage payables and receivables efficiently, while noting the initial setup may take some time.


Though predominantly a payroll service, OnPay also provides time tracking and billing features suitable for accountants working with SMEs.

Pricing Information: OnPay has a simple pricing model that covers all core services, with a base fee and a per-employee charge.

User Reviews and Ratings: The software is generally well-reviewed for its comprehensive payroll solutions and helpful customer support.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor focuses squarely on time tracking and productivity, offering powerful tools that can be invaluable for billing purposes, especially for teams.

Pricing Information: Time Doctor’s pricing structure is based on the number of users, and it offers a free trial to get started.

User Reviews and Ratings:

It is particularly praised by remote teams and for its distraction-minimizing features, although some find the monitoring elements to be overly intrusive.


Harvest simplifies time tracking and billing with an easy-to-use interface that also provides insights into your business’s crucial metrics.

Pricing Information: Harvest has both free and paid plans, with the latter offering more advanced features suitable for growing businesses.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Users find Harvest to be a versatile tool, especially when handling multiple clients or projects, though some think more detailed analytics could enhance the platform.

In today’s varied accounting software landscape, each platform carries its unique set of strengths. To help you decide which time and billing service might be right for your professional needs or business model, the following table compares these top contenders.

Software Pricing and Key Features

SoftwarePricing PlansKey FeaturesIntergationsUser Reviews And Ratings
FreshBooksStarts at $15/monthCustom invoices, expense tracking, time managementNumerous third-party apps4.5/5
XeroStarts at $9/monthFinancial reporting, client management, inventory tracking800+ integrations4.3/5
QuickBooksStarts at $12.50/monthInvoicing, expense tracking, tax management650+ integrations4.2/5
Sage 50cloudStarts at $50.58/monthAccounting, invoicing, cash flow managementMicrosoft Office 3654/5
Zoho BooksStarts at $0/month (Free tier available)Invoicing, expense tracking, reporting40+ integrations4.4/5
WaveFreeAccounting, invoicingGoogle Sheets and more4.4/5
Bill.comStarts at $39/user/monthPayment processing, AR/AP managementMajor accounting software4.2/5
OnPay$36/month base + $4/person/monthPayroll, HR, benefitsVarious tools and apps4.8/5
Time DoctorStarts at $12/user/monthTime tracking, productivity monitoring50+ integrations4.5/5
HarvestStarts at $12/user/month (Free tier available)Time tracking, project budgeting, invoicingTime tracking, project budgeting, invoicingPopular project management tools

The right software should not just fit within your budget but also blend seamlessly into your daily operations while offering scalability as your business evolves.

As an accountant or financial manager, it’s crucial to weigh functionality against usability, and for small business owners, value for money is paramount. Whatever your needs, there’s a time and billing software out there that will tick your checkboxes and offer peace of mind in the maze of numbers that is accounting.

Don’t forget, most of these services offer free trials, so start experimenting with one or few of these tools today. Find the one that’s the right fit for your unique mix of requirements, and transform the way you manage your finance-related tasks, one accurate invoice at a time.

Start your free trial today and discover the productivity gains waiting for you with these top-tier time and billing platforms for accountants.

FAQs About Time And Billing Software For Accountants

Faq 1: What Is Time And Billing Software For Accountants?

Time and billing software for accountants is a specialized tool designed to assist accounting professionals in tracking time spent on various client projects and managing billing processes efficiently. It automates the time tracking, invoicing, and payment collection processes, streamlining the accounting workflow.

Faq 2: Why Do Accountants Need Time And Billing Software?

Accountants need time and billing software to accurately track the amount of time spent on different client projects or tasks. It helps them calculate billable hours, create professional invoices, and streamline the billing process. With this software, accountants can improve productivity, reduce errors, and ensure timely payments from clients.

Faq 3: What Features Should I Look For In Time And Billing Software For Accountants?

When selecting time and billing software for accountants, consider features like time tracking, automated invoicing, expense management, client management, reporting capabilities, and integrations with other accounting tools. Customizable billing rates, project management features, and secure data backup are also important to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

Faq 4: Is Time And Billing Software Suitable For Small Accounting Firms?

Absolutely! Time and billing software is suitable for all sizes of accounting firms, including small ones. It helps small accounting firms manage their billing process effectively, track billable hours accurately, and create professional invoices. It can save time, eliminate manual errors, and provide a more streamlined workflow for small accounting practices.

Faq 5: Can Time And Billing Software Generate Detailed Reports?

Yes, most time and billing software for accountants offer reporting features. They can generate detailed reports on various aspects of your accounting practice, such as billable hours, total revenue generated, outstanding invoices, and project profitability. These reports help accountants gain valuable insights into their business operations and make informed decisions.


In the dynamic landscape of accounting, time and billing software stand as indispensable tools for efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction. By carefully selecting the right software for your firm’s needs, you can unlock new levels of productivity and propel your accounting practice towards success.

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